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Special Services

Apart from the traditional Audit and Taxation related services, Management requires wide range of other Specialised Services. We support management in providing such Special Advisory and Support Services.
Outsourcing of such assignments helps management to get the services of experienced professionals and save cost of employing full time in-house professional. Our Services are categorised as under:

  • Tax Health Check
  • Compliance Audit/Retainership Services
  • Setup of Office in India
  • FEMA Advisory and Compliance
  • ROC Compliances
  • FEMA Advisory and Compliance
  • Framing Policy and Procedure
  • Other Services

The Tax Health Check services aims at verifying the existing tax exposure, identifying the reasons for high tax demands, identifying the irregularities in maintaining records leading to tax out flow.
The services comprises of :

  • Identifying the reasons for various addition / disallowances in Income tax / VAT/ST/GST
  • Verification of original tax records relating to Income Tax/VAT/ST/GST assessments/ appeals
  • Advisory for mitigating or reducing tax defaults
  • Identifying the existing unpaid tax demands or pending refunds
  • Identifying the tax exposures and impact on future cash flow

In Compliance Audit, we aim at identifying variance between Compliances required by various Regulatory authorities and actual compliances in-place.
The Compliance Audit typically involves

  • Regular checking of books of accounts w.r.t. :
    • TDS Compliances and Return
    • GST Compliances and Return
    • accuracy of the accounting viz-a-viz supporting documents and authorization (Sales, Purchases, Expenses, Bank, etc)
  • Advisory for improving existing accounting system and grouping/ regrouping of ledger accounts
  • Preparing and Filing TDS, GST, PT Returns
  • Verification of any other statutory obligation, on need basis
  • Routine advisory

We assist Residents as well as Foreign Companies in setting up of a unit/place of business in India. We provide the following services:

  • Entry Strategy (Inbound) :
    We analyse the business model and suggest the requirement of either setting up of Branch Office or Liaison Office or Project Office or Private Limited Company. We also assist in setting up of appropriate entities i.e. Company, Partnership Firm, Branch office, Liaison Office.
  • Tax Implication on Business Model :
    We analyse the proposed business model and provide with the detailed note on the possible tax implications in India. This covers the implications of Permanent Establishment and Transfer Pricing in India and Review of Contracts / Agreements from tax perspective.
  • Deputation Structuring :
    We assist in structuring the deputation of any person in India. This covers the implication of tax in the hands of Company, Mechanism for Payment of Salary, Salary Structuring for optimising tax liability etc.

We provide services to comply with various rules and regulations of Foreign Exchange Management Act like brining Capital into Indian, Borrowing by Subsidiary from its foreign related parties, Buyer’s Credit, Supplier’s Credit etc.

Every company incorporated in India is subject to Compliances under the Companies Act, 2013. The compliance starts immediately after the incorporation of Company in India. These includes filing various forms with Registrar of Companies (ROC), Conducting meetings, Preparing minutes, Filing copies of resolutions with ROC, Filing Annual Return, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account with ROC etc.
The Services that we render comprises of :

  • Annual Compliances for filing Accounts and Annual Return to ROC
  • Compliances relating to Appointment and Resignation of Directors and Auditors
  • Assisting in preparing Notices, Minutes and Resolution of various meetings
  • Compliance relating to issue of shares
  • Valuation Report in connection with issue of shares
  • Other Compliances

Few secretarial assignments are carried out by our qualified Company Secretary (CS) associates

Policy/Procedure is the written document containing course of action of various functions of Entity. This helps to smoothen the business functions and to increase its level of effectiveness and efficiency.
We, therefore, assist in framing various policies and procedures of an organisation, examples are as under :

  • Human Resource (HR) Policy
  • Capex Policy
  • Petty Cash Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Procurement related Policy
  • Business Restructuring
  • Conversion of Partnership Firm into Private Limited Company
  • Conversion of Private Limited Company into LLP
  • Agreement / Contract drafting (e.g. Distributorship Contract, Service Contract, Agency Contract)
  • Internal Financial Control (IFC) implementation
  • FCRA Compliance (Quarterly/Annual)
  • Corporate Training (Income Tax, GST Compliance, TDS Compliance, Accounting etc)
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